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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Alan Kazlev's Vegetarian Lies

Alan Kazlev's Vegetarian Lies
Attempting to sling more mud, Alan Kazlev claimed that I (Joe Moreno) “condemned and criticized two vegetarians” for eating meat while I “gleefully partake of animal products, including cheese made from rennet”. These wholly inaccurate comments strengthen my argument that Alan Kazlev is a lazy armchair critic who is incapable of conducting remedial research.

To begin with, let us look at what Alan Kazlev said:

Relevant text extracts:
“Another time he criticised and condemned two vegetarian ex-devotees for eating meat (which is against Sai Baba's teachings) while himself gleefully artaking of animal products, include cheese made from rennet (note 5)”

“(note 5) Sanjay Dadlani writes: After months of cruelly tormenting individuals such as myself and Tony O'Clery for eating meat (which we both don't do) it has now been discovered that Moreno is a regular eater of eggs. Several months ago when Tony posted a list of anti-meat scriptural quotations in the discussion forums. Moreno piped up involuntarily informing us that he was a vegetarian, not because he was trying to follow the teachings of Sai Baba but because he had something of a meat-intolerant bodily constitution. However, that never stopped him from cheerily pointing out that the eating of cheese could be considered 'meat-eating' due to the presence of rennet within it, nor did he refrain from defending Sai devotees even after it was pointed out that a large majority of them consciously violate Sai Baba's anti-meat teachings”

Alan Kazlev’s Lies: Setting The Record Straight:
First and foremost, I never “condemned and criticized” Tony O’Clery for eating meat. This is Alan Kazlev's first lie. I criticized Tony O’Clery for his hypocritical defence of his meat-eating family even though he maliciously condemned meat-eaters as violating scriptures and suffering from mental disorders. Of course, Alan Kazlev took Sanjay Dadlani’s bold-faced lie and repeated it like a trained parrot. It is apparent that Alan Kazlev never read my critique of Tony O’Clery. For those who wish verify the facts for themselves read my article entitled: Ahimsa With A Side Of Bacon.

Secondly, the reason why I “condemned and criticized” Sanjay Dadlani for eating meat is because he explicitly stated on his “private” killuminati blog that he ate turkey, pork, fried chicken, rennet-cheese pizza and relished the idea of sinking his teeth into lamb shish kebabs (although he boasted he was a vegetarian for 12 years)! Read for yourself: Sanjay Dadlani - The Meat Eating Vegetarian.

Sanjay’s lamentable response was that his “private” blog (yes, he admitted he wrote it) was actually written for a “specific audience” and contained “false” and “embellished” accounts (i.e., lies) of his daily life to “spark discussion” (Ref). What is amusing about this claim is that Sanjay’s blog did not have any comments submitted to them whatsoever (except for one post where a man said Sanjay was “clearly delusional” and that virtually everything he said was “insane”). So much for the “sparking discussion” excuse.

  • - How many people do you know who create “private” blogs and lie “embellish” mundane, daily-life events to “spark discussion”?

  • - How many vegetarians do you know who lie about eating turkey, pork, fried chicken, rennet-cheese pizza and drool over the thought of juicy lamb shish kabobs in an attempt to “spark discussion”?

  • - How many Hare Krishna congregational members (which Sanjay claims to be) do you know who eat cheese made with rennet (which is taken from the lining of a calf’s stomach) when they consider the cow sacred?

  • - How many Hare Krishna congregational members or vegetarians do you know who lust after women clad in leather (which is taken from a slaughtered cow)?

Sanjay whined, hissed and foamed-at-the-mouth that his blog was “private”. So “private” that he publicly advertised it on Globe Of Blogs (Under the name ‘Demon Guru’). Consequently, Sanjay's killuminati blog was submitted to search engines, which is how I found the blog to begin with.

The only food item I ingest that is considered by few to be non-vegetarian is unfertilized eggs. I do not “gleefully partake of animal products, including cheese made from rennet” as Alan Kazlev erroneously and falsely stated. As a matter of fact, even Sanjay did not claim I ate cheese made with rennet. The rennet-cheese claim and my alleged non-vegetarianism claim were entirely fabricated by Alan Kazlev (who has a long and established history of venom, vitriol, lies and feral attacks).

While Alan Kazlev peruses mental health disorders on Wikipedia (his favorite pastime), I suggest he look up the Wikipedia article for Lacto-Ovo Vegetarianism. I also challenge Alan to find a single entry for a Lacto-Ovo-Ham-FriedChicken-RennetCheese-Turkey-LambShishKabob-Vegetarian (a category Sanjay would fall under using his own confessions). For once, Alan, get off your rump and do some research.


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