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Saturday, April 12, 2008

M.Alan Kazlev's Homosexual Associations

Alan Kazlev - Homosexual & Gay Porn Associations

Guilt Through Association And Homosexual Slurs:
As discussed before (Ref), I hold no ill will, unfavorable views or bias toward anyone based simply on his or her sexual orientation. In stark contrast, however, Sanjay Dadlani (Alan Kazlev's friend and associate) can often be seen verbally trashing and bashing homosexuals in no uncertain terms (Ref). Sanjay Dadlani argued that since Rasa Von Werder (a former porn star with whom I have never spoken) linked to my webpage about Jody Radzik (the Guruphiliac Webmaster), I am guilty of being "associated" with "shit and piss porn stars" and "ex-porn stars" and thus have a "shit and piss porn fetish" (Ref). Alan Kazlev argued that I see Sai Baba as a "much loved surrogate father figure" and "possibly a pretend homosexual lover". Kazlev also fraudulently claimed I was "massaged" with oil by Sai Baba.

Alan Kazlev's Direct Affiliation With A Homo-Website Promoting Gay Pornography:
It should come as no surprise that Alan Kazlev is directly promoted, endorsed and solicited by his homosexual friend (Bear Cattlisle Yawnerson) on his gay website promoting gay pornography (Ref). As a matter of fact, Bear Cattlisle Yawnerson (aka BearCY) said the following about his homo-website:
"The initial idea behind this HomoSite, was to try to mix Pantheistic enlightenment with gay pornography; in order to promote the somewhat more intelligent gay pornography to Pantheistic philosophers, and of course Pantheistic Thought to gay porn-hunters who might allow themselves to get seduced by less enlightened gay sites to label themselves as feeling «perverse», «dirty», or «filthy»; just because we happen to adore gay pornography." (Ref)

Using Sanjay Dadlani and Alan Kazlev's logic and standards (that they used against me), I think I perfectly entitled to follow in their footsteps and formulate the arguments that:

  • - Alan Kazlev is guilty of being a homosexual based on guilt-through-association (thanks to Sanjay Dadlani).

  • - Alan Kazlev is directly "associated" with a self-professed homosexual.

  • - Alan Kazlev is directly "associated" with a website that openly promotes gay pornography for "gay porn hunters".

  • - Alan Kazlev perhaps views BearCY as a "much loved surrogate father figure".

  • - Alan Kazlev perhaps views BearCY as "possibly a pretend homosexual lover".

Alan Kazlev's "karmic patterns of hatred" come back to haunt him.


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