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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kazlev Alleges Google Infovandalism

Alan Kazlev's Absurd Claims Of "Google Infovandalism"
Alan Kazlev has been obsessively creating conspiratorial and ad hominem webpages against me to revenge his big, bruised ego. Alan Kazlev is upset that I have publicly revealed him to be nothing more than a highly judgmental, bitter and vindictive pseudo-philosopher who postures himself as a spiritual authority. In reality, Alan Kazlev is a grungy and lazy armchair critic who thrives on half-truths, deceptions, speculations, conspiracy theories and bogus psychological profiling to defend himself against his detractors. This webpage is just more proof that something is seriously mentally wrong with Alan Kazlev.

At, Alan Kazlev created a webpage where he erroneously accused me of being guilty of "Google infovandalism" (a made-up term he borrowed from Brian Steel). Alan Kazlev's severe paranoia and chronic conspiratorial mentality has fooled him to believe that I have somehow (single-handedly) infiltrated and manipulated Google's Multi-Billion Dollar Search Engine just so I could propagate "disinformation" against him and Ex-Devotees.

Attempting to bolster this asinine conspiracy theory, Alan Kazlev made seven large screencaps of Google results, color-coded them and ranted (as he often does) that I am an "authoritarian and obsessional individual". Of course, one could similarly argue (and I have) that Alan Kazlev's numerous webpages, ad hominem attacks and color-coded google screen-caps are proof that he is an "authoritarian and obsessional individual". The following screencap is one of seven that Alan Kazlev provided on his webpage against me as proof that I am somehow manipulating and vandalizing Google (something even hackers and multi-million corporations have been unable to do):

For those who do not know (and I am assuming Kazlev doesn't), vandalism is willful or malicious destruction of public or private property. Alan Kazlev conceded that he and other critics filed complaints with Google about their results and my webpages (and he even provided a link so others could make similar complaints against me). Alan Kazlev lamented that Google apparently ignored his and other critic's complaints (I wonder why?). Needless to say, if I truly perpetuated "infovandalism" on Google, my webpages would have been removed and I would have been sued. Of course, no "infovandalism" occurred because critic's claims of "infovandalism" are rooted in malicious, subjective and eristic rhetoric and flippant campaigns of malice and malignity.

Are Critics Guilty Of "Google Infovandalism"?
Let us take a look at Google's web results for my name, "Gerald Joe Moreno":

As one can see, the first 7 out of 10 Google results are Anti-Sai webpages. Does this mean that Google is perpetuating "disinformation" about me and that Anti-Sai Activists have "vandalized" Google? Using Alan Kazlev's logic (illogic), the answer is "yes". Alan Kazlev's methodology has deflated his entire argument against me and has implicated himself and critics with the very same reprehensible and corrupt behavior he attributed to me. Thank you Mr. Alan Kazlev!

The Word "Exposed" And Misleading Webpage Titles?
Is Using The Word "Exposed" A "Freudian Slip"?
Alan Kazlev said that I use a:
"monotonous repetition of defamatory labels like 'biased', 'extremist', 'deception', 'anti-Sai', and of course Moreno's favourite, 'exposed' (might this be a Freudian slip?)"

Of course, Alan Kazlev's ignores his "monotonous repetition" of defamatory lables like:

  • 'narcissistic'

  • 'authoritarian'

  • 'obsessive'

  • 'obsessional'

  • 'obsessive compulsive personality'

  • 'ad hominem'

  • 'attack'

  • 'slanderous devotee'

  • 'antagonistic critic'

  • 'shadow projection'

The list goes on ad nauseam.

Since Alan Kazlev admitted he did not have the "time", "interest", "inclination" or "patience" to research Anti-Sai webpages, he is apparently unaware that the word "exposed" is an oft used word by Ex-Devotees (where does Kazlev think I got that term from in the first place?). Funny enough, Sanjay Dadlani uses the Yahoo name "saiexposed420" and named his Anti-Sai blog "saibababexposed". Robert Priddy named his Anti-Sai blog "sathya sai baba deceptions exposed". Rationalists named several articles "Guru Sai Baba Exposed". Conny Larsson named one of his webpages "Sathya Sai Baba's fan Lisa de Witt exposed". Conny Larsson named one of his webpages against me "Gerald Joe Moreno - deception artist - exposed and banned". The Sokaren website named it's Anti-Sai index "Sai Baba exposed". The ExBaba website named it's webpage about the Nexus exposures "Sai Baba Exposed". The Jesus-Is-Savior website created a webpage entitled "Sai Baba Exposed". The list goes on and on. Might Ex-Devotee's usage of the word "exposed" be a Freudian slip?

Deceptive Webpage Titles?
Alan Kazlev also whined and sniveled that I deceptively titled my webpage about him "official home page for M. Alan Kazlev". Obviously, Alan Kazlev is suffering from selective reading because my webpage title actually says "SaiSathySai Official homepage for M. Alan Kazlev" (which even shows in one of his google screencaps on his webpage). If read in proper context, the "official homepage" section is specifically attributed to the SaiSathySai website. Why Alan Kazlev repeatedly misquotes my webpage title is unknown.

Alan Kazlev also accused me of "dishonestly" naming my article about Kevin Shepherd "Citizen Initiative Publishing". Alan Kazlev's relevant screencap revealed the real title for my webpage about Kevin Shepherd as being "Citizen Initiative ::: Publishing - Publisher And Kevin Shepherd". I guess Alan Kazlev believes that I am not entitled to name my webpages with relevant keywords and critics are allowed to name their webpages with relevant (and in many cases, irrelevant: Ref) keywords. Notice Alan Kazlev's hypocrisy, dishonesty and double-standards?

Google Disinformation / Infovandalism - In Conclusion:
Alan Kazlev's conspiratorial and vindictive arguments and all-too-characteristic of his narcissistic mindset and pseudo-authoritarian and obsessional attitude against anyone who dissents with him. Alan Kazlev's unsophisticated causeries resemble an inverted fairy tale where the triumph of goodness comes at the start and the ugly sisters of pretense and pettiness triumph for the final curtain. I have a problem with Alan Kazlev's blather. Videlicet, it reeks of paranoia, laziness, and hate. Simply put, if one intends to challenge someone else's assertions, one must present a rational counterargument, which I have done. Alan Kazlev provides no rational counterargument but instead creates straw-man arguments and rejoices in false fantasies of victory.


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