Martin Alan Kazlev Exposed

Exposing Martin Alan Kazlev, webmaster for, the biased Anti-Sathya-Sai-Baba sympathizer.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Alan Kazlev's Fake Identity

Exposing Martin Alan Kazlev, webmaster for, the biased Anti-Sathya-Sai-Baba sympathizer.

Although I blogged about this before, I think this subject deserves it's own article.

We do not know if M.Alan Kazlev is truly being forthcoming about his identity. After all, Kazlev admitted that he changed his name twice, going from "Martin Levin" to "Martin Katz" to "M. Alan Kazlev" (Reference).

Furthermore, Kazlev does not provide his full real name, full address or full phone number on his site. This must mean (using the standards employed against me by Robert Priddy and Anti-Sai Activists) that Kazlev is not who he claims he is and is using a fake identity.

Too bad Kazlev cannot live up to the same standards he defends Anti-Sai Activists for using against me. Anti-Sai Activists have not demanded that Kazlev supply them with the same contact details they demand from me. Therefore, Anti-Sai Activists themselves have made the case that Alan Kazlev is using a fake identity and is not who he claims he is.

See the problem, Kazlev?

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Alan Kazlev Was Never Trusted

Exposing Martin Alan Kazlev, webmaster for, the biased Anti-Sathya-Sai-Baba sympathizer.

For the record, I would like to say that I never trusted Alan Kazlev (even when he was being civil to me). As mentioned before, Lisa DeWitt submitted my site-link to Kazlev (which he put on his page pertaining to Sathya Sai Baba).

After my very first e-mail correspondence with Kazlev, I clearly perceived a bias and felt he was not to be trusted. I communicated my doubts to Lisa at least a dozen times (perhaps more) and told her I was wasting my time with Kazlev. Nevertheless, Lisa had more faith in Kazlev than I did and encouraged me to keep up my correspondence with him (which I did) because Kazlev stated that he had positive experiences with Sathya Sai Baba, which even included a healing. As a matter of fact, Kazlev told Lisa:
I always had a good vibe from Sai Baba, and i still do, but i distanced myself because of what i heard (and the huge rumour-mill on the internet)...Yeah he once healed me from the astral plane. So i knew he was genuine!

Despite these positive sentiments (in favor of Baba) Kazlev intimated that he also believed the sexual abuse allegations. Since it appeared to Lisa that Kazlev was open-minded, neutral and open to another viewpoint, she encouraged me in my communication with him.

Time and time again, I saw that I was getting nowhere with Kazlev and found his apathy to investigate my version of the facts to be very disturbing. I soon realized that talking to Kazlev was like talking to a brick wall. Kazlev would accuse me of saying something I never said. After confronting Kazlev about his error, he would concede to his error, only later to voice the same error over and over again (especially in reference to Barry Pittard)!

As it turned out, I was right. Kazlev finally conceded (several times) that he had not bothered to read Anti-Sai Sites and that he did not have the "time", "patience" or "inclination" to research my claims.

Therefore, it came as no surprise to me when Kazlev publicly sided with Anti-Sai Activists. I do not consider this a loss in the least. All I need to do is direct readers to Kazlev's very amusing "About Me" page and I think I can safely say that rational readers will dismiss his criticisms with a chuckle and a grin.

I know I did.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

M. Alan Kazlev On Wikipedia: Part 2

Exposing Martin Alan Kazlev, webmaster for, the biased Anti-Sathya-Sai-Baba sympathizer.

Alan Kazlev also erroneously claimed that I was attempting to "vandalize" Priddy's wiki-page. Strange enough, not even one other editor agreed with Kazlev. A controversial link to Priddy's defamatory Anti-Sai Site (that both Kazlev and Andries were attempting to include on Priddy's wiki-page) was ruled to violate an ArbCom decision that prohibited critical links (composed of negative personal stories) on Sathya Sai Baba-related articles: Reference. If either Kazlev or Andries persisted in adding Priddy's defamatory Anti-Sai link, THEY (not I) would have been banned. As a matter of fact, Andries was given the following warning by a Wikipedia Administrator:
Hi, as a matter of courtesy I advise you that your insertion of a certain link to Robert Priddy is, in my view and that of other administrators, in violation of the arbitration ruling :Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Sathya Sai Baba:. I advise you to avoid re-inserting that link on articles or talk pages. The arbitration ruling is actionable; repeatedly defying it may result in your being blocked for disruption (Ref: Read Section In Green).

Furthermore, Alan Kazlev is such good friends with Robert Priddy that he duplicated Priddy's Wikipedia article on his own domain ( and included the controversial link that was prohibited by an ArbCom ruling on Wikipedia. This fully supports my past contentions that Alan Kazlev is biased and an Anti-Sai sympathizer (despite his hollow claims to being "neutral").

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Monday, October 16, 2006

M. Alan Kazlev On Wikipedia: Part 1

Exposing Martin Alan Kazlev, webmaster for, the biased Anti-Sathya-Sai-Baba sympathizer.

Alan Kazlev makes such poorly researched arguments against me, I consider them utterly ridiculous. Nevertheless, to show how poorly Kazlev makes his arguments against me (and to reveal his bias) I will respond to some of his erroneous comments (made on Wikipedia) against me. These comments came from several discussions had on Robert Priddy's Wikipedia talk-page:
Alan Kazlev: btw Joe you make a false analogy. SSB is a public figure, and hence should be able to be criticised like any other well-known public figure. But Robert Priddy is in comparison a little-known writer, hence a great big long personal page dedicated to slandering him constitutes an ad homimen attack.

Obviously, Alan Kazlev is trying to re-define the word "slander" to suit whatever agenda he is trying to push. Slander is a spoken false statement injurious to a person's reputation. If something is negative, but true, that is not "slander". Anti-Sai Activists loosely use words like "slander", "defamation", "pedophilia", "boys", etc.

Alan Kazlev is flat out wrong about Robert Priddy. Priddy listed himself as a public figure on Wikipedia and has written hundreds of articles against Sathya Sai Baba. It is nothing less than sheer absurdity for Kazlev to claim that Priddy should not be criticized because he is a "little-known writer". For Alan's information, Priddy happens to be one of the most verbose writers against Sathya Sai Baba. Therefore, a critical analysis of Priddy's claims, assertions, speculations and conspiracy theories is entirely and wholly justified (unless you happen to live in a communist country where free speech is not allowed).

What is ironic about all this is that Kazlev not only created "big long personal pages dedicated to slandering" me (which, of course, constitute "ad hominem attacks") he also pretended to be a psychiatrist and implied I have mental disorders such as "obsessive-compulsive personality disorder" (aka OCPD or anankastic personality disorder), "projection of the ego" and "projection of the shadow". Alan Kazlev has no credentials in the mental health or medical fields whatosever. Kazlev should stick to what he knows best: philosophizing and skimming over other's research.

In my opinion, Alan Kazlev is a hypocrite. I assume Alan will now try to accuse me of "slandering" him because I called him a "hypocrite". Fortunately, I live in the USA where we have freedom of speech and where people are entitled to have personal opinions. My opinion is that Alan is a hypocrite based on his contradictory actions and words. Examples: 1) Ranting about creating long pages against Priddy, but then turning around and doing the same thing to me and 2) Whining about "ad hominem attacks" and "slander" and then implying I have mental disorders. This type of behavior, in layman's terms, is called "hypocrisy" and Alan suffers from it.
Alan Kazlev: As for your claims Joe, Robert Priddy's websites are not, "full of ad hominem attacks against Sai Baba" as far as I understand the term. Which statements are you referring by Priddy which are genuine ad hominem arguments, if we define argumentum ad hominem as trying to discredit a statement by referring to an unrelated fault in the character of the person who made the statement, as you have repeatedly done against SSB critics (not just Robert Priddy but others as well). That is why I refer to your actions as slander (even if you don't think that term applies to you). To prove someone is a liar for example one must be able to show that the person has intentionally stated an untruth knowing it to be untrue. Therefore you are defaming Priddy, while I cannot see that he has defaming you in this (or any other) way. I would also be interested if you could provide direct references with a link to anywhere that Priddy has posted anything where he actually calls you, personally, a liar or has defamed you.

Alan Kazlev: Joe you still in my opinion have presented no convincing evidence and have not shown that Robert defames you nor that he calls you a liar anywhere, which you do of him on innumerable occasions and without credible evidence. It seems to me that for you, a liar is virtually anyone who questions Sathya Sai Baba, and makes any statement that you find fault with, often because they will not entrust you with sensitive information. The link to the comments about you on Priddy's webpages do not show any defamation of your character there, Certainly nothing more serious than you have written about me, for example (regarding which (from what i have seen) I have no complaints).

On This Webpage, Priddy said about me: "He widely propagates lies and slanders and the wildest kinds of misinformation against any critics of Sai Baba..." Therefore, Priddy called me a liar. There is your link, Kazlev. As one can see, Kazlev just sits back on his rump, makes alls sorts of demands and does not even lift one finger to do the research himself. Kazlev expects others to spoon-feed him links, comments and references because he is a lazy armchair critic. After supplying Kazlev with links, comments and references, he ignores them if they do not argue in his favor.

I have responded to what I consider Priddy's libelous comments against me on the following posts:

* Defamatory Attack One: Response 1
* Defamatory Attack One: Response 2
* Defamatory Attack One: Response 3

Even after spoon-feeding Kazlev with Priddy documented lies on Wikipedia, he totally ignored them. See the following documented lies from Robert Priddy on Wikipedia:

* Robert Priddy's Phony "Phone" Lies
* Robert Priddy Sticks His Foot In His Mouth Again
* Robert Priddy Literally Stumbles Onto The Scene
* Say What?
* Another Not So Priddy Lie Exposed
* Another Spiteful & Erroneous Lie
* Robert Priddy Lies About Lisa De Witt
* A Funny And Embarrassing Wikipedia Blunder
* Another Example Of Priddy's Poor Research

And let us not forget Priddy's vicious lie about Joy Thomas (not related to Wikipedia):

* Priddy's Shameless Lie About Joy Thomas

All the information that Kazlev demands is right there under his nose. Kazlev is up to his neck in water and cries out he is thirsty. There is no satsifying a "skimmer" who admitted he does not have the "time", "patience" or "inclination" to research my claims.
Alan Kazlev: As for the anonymity claim (Robert says you are, you say you aren't), well, honestly, it makes no difference to me personally whether you are or want to be anonymous, or whether you are who you say you are (as long as you don't slander others). On your page you make Robert out to be a liar for saying all this. But regarding this, Robert informed me that: "In a mail to Conny Larsson, he shows how Moreno used the IP (PRIVATE no source available). This proves outright that he uses proxy IPs. This makes it impossible to prove definitively that he really is the author (as someone else could fake the mail content etc.)... not without a costly subpoena process. So what IS his real IP and why doesn't he give his details?"

I've already discussed this issue in depth with Kazlev, which forced Priddy to update his article (although it did not do any good because Priddy still continued with his pathological and wholly unsupported lies against me). Click Here to view my article about Conny Larsson's deception regarding my IP. I fully responded to this issue on my blogged post: Defamatory Attack Three: Response 3
Alan Kazlev: You like to advertise Robert Priddy's IP on your own website and also on Wikipedia, but it is not hidden, neither is his address, phone number or publications. Similarily I am open about my dealings, i use my real name on wikipedia, not a username, so people know it is me. If you want to private and secretive, that is fine, I have no problems with that, but don't then claim that those who report this are liars, or use your anonymity as a cloak to attack others. It does you no credit and undercuts what credibility you may otherwise have.

First of all, Kazlev needs to tell me where I "advertise Robert Priddy's IP" anywhere on my site? I am not aware of having done so, nor can I find any reference to it. Priddy's IP on Wikipedia is not "advertised" by me. It is advertised by Priddy himself because his IP is there next to any edits or comments he makes. My IP is also on Wikipedia. I have nothing to hide and never have.

Also, we do not know if Kazlev is truly being forthcoming about his identity or personal information. After all, Kazlev admitted that he changed his name (at least) twice. Furthermore, Kazlev does not provide his full name, full address or full phone number on his site. This must mean (using Priddy and Anti-Sai Activist's standards) that he is not who he claims he is and is using a fake identity. Too bad Kazlev cannot live up to the same standards he defends Anti-Sai Activists for using against me. Also, Priddy openly refused to divulge his phone number because he didn't want "unwanted disturbances". Priddy has two addresses listed on Anti-Sai Sites and no one knows whether they are genuine, fake or outdated. In other words, Priddy fails to divulge the same contact details he demands from me. Priddy also fails to demand the same contact details from Kazlev that he demands from me. Hypocrisy, clear and simple.
Alan Kazlev: What is worse are the double standards. While guarding your own privacy so carefully, you make all sorts of allegations about ex-devotees, including slurs and inuendos regarding their private lives, as well as outright and blatant lies; e.g. they are paedophiles, pornographers, associate with white supremacists, etc etc.

Anti-Sai Activists are to blame for making their private lives available on the internet. Anti-Sai Activists have showed no compassion for the "private lives" of Sai Devotees and Proponents. Kazlev would have known this had he researched the matter. Unfortunately, Kazlev told me (several times) that he has not researched this matter because he does not have the "time", "patience" or "inclination" to do so! The fact of the matter is that I have found shocking information that wholly undermines the alleged integrity and crediblity of Anti-Sai Activists. This is a fact and I have proof to back it up.

I never called anyone a "pedophile" or an "associate with white supremacists". Alan is being untruthful. Reinier Van Der Sandt admitted, out of his own mouth that:
Reinier Van Der Sant: "I found lots of kiddy porno-sites with very much child porn pics, but..., but... it was impossible for me to watch it for very long, because when I was clicking on an image to enlarge, other pages were popping up so fast on my computer screen, that I could not open such a site, in fact, all kiddy porno sites - as what I have seen of it - have multi pop up techniques, which makes it difficult for the kiddy porno watcher to watch easily...Only in the opening pages I saw some kiddy porn, when I wanted to continue and see more, I had to suscribe and/or pay...Internet kiddy porno can be obtained, I have to correct myself on what I was previously writing on this board, I have been looking for kiddy porn on the internet - NOT AS A CUSTOMER, BUT BECAUSE I WANTED TO FIND OUT WHETHER ONE CAN OBTAIN EASILY FILTHY KIDDIE PORNO!!!" (Refs: Original - Duplicate)

As one can see, my concern about Reinier's viewing of child pornogrpahy is entirely warranted. I challenge any parent to tell me otherwise. After reading these shocking comments from Reinier, I rightly expressed concern over pictures he took of a child sucking on a popsicle. Strange enough, Kazlev agreed with me.

As a matter of fact, Kazlev skimmed through some yahoo posts where Reinier was using the name "sloppyjoemoreno" and said (verbatim): "is it Reinier using your name? i tell you, glancing through those yahoo posts, it seems like this guy and his buddy Sai Exposed are a bunch of adolescent fuckheads". "Sai Exposed" is Sanjay Kishore Dadlani (the guy who Alan now defends). Kazlev also said of Reinier: "yep, he is one sick character alright... (the more one reads on all this, the dirtier one feels...ughh! Like swimming in a sewer)...i have to admit, the more i look into this guy the less i like him". Kazlev is now defending Reinier as well (talk about a flip-flopper).

When I emailed Kazlev about his erroneous claim that I accused Anti-Sai Activists of being "associated with White Supremacits", he responded by saying that I accused Barry Pittard with being "associated with White Supremacists" (a bold-faced and unscrupulous lie). It is exactly this type of poor research and inaccurate paraphrasing that wholly compromises Kazlev's integrity. These serious and inaccurate mistakes also support my contention that Kazlev "skims" through information and makes stuff up to suit whatever agenda he is trying to push. When it come down to the cold, hard facts, Kazlev is clueless and cannot factually support his comments with actual references taken in context.
Alan Kazlev: You claim "Robert Priddy is relating more scurrilous fabrications and gutter untruths against me under the guise of anonymity." But where is the proof of these assertions?

Here is the webpage in question. One will notice that this page is without a signature, is unattributed and does not have any external links. Therefore, it is anonymous. In it's original form, it was first published anonymously on the "" domain. After it was deleted for defamatory content by AngelTowns2 (I reported it), Priddy then moved the article to the exbaba site where it was deleted and again moved to his site. Priddy then duplicated it to his site where it remains to this day unsigned and unattributed. There is your proof Kazlev. What's the problem? Don't have the "time", "patience" or "inclination" to read my site and do the research for your yourself? I didn't think so.
Alan Kazlev: You wrote "Priddy's dirty and filthy websites". You use of such language is imho just more examples of slander (and more shadow projection) on your part.

This was already discussed on my Priddy's Primary Webpage Indexed On Porn Sites blogged article. Kazlev confuses personal opinion with "slander". If Kazlev doesn't like personal opinions, he should live alone and try to avoid people as much as possible. Oh yeah, he already does that (with a self-admission)!
Alan Kazlev: To cite another example, you posted the slander of Dr. Leo Rebello against Priddy on your website. That is an implicit endorsement of Rebello's statements and is I understand slanderous by law.

This is another poorly researched response from Kazlev. Where exactly did I get Rebello's "slander" from in the first place? I got it from Priddy's AngelTowns site! That's right, Priddy published all of Rebello's "slanderous" emails on a website that AngelTowns deleted for defamatory content. The site was online for almost a full year! Here is Rebello's complaint to AngelTowns against Priddy. As I stated before, I believe it is true that Rebello defamed Priddy and vice-versa. The only difference in their defamation war was that Rebello did not create a website defaming Priddy (whereas Priddy created a website defaming Rebello). And yes, the website belonged to Priddy. As a matter of fact, Priddy's past comment about Rebello (in which he claimed the AngelTowns site as his) can still be viewed online: Reference.
Alan Kazlev: Your allegations about Priddy on porn sites are unverified, and hence defamatory and slanderous. How do we know that someone (I wonder who?) has used his website title in signing up for those sites?

This is another poorly-researched comment from Kazlev. I already blogged about this issue in my article Priddy's Primary Webpage Indexed On Porn Sites. I screen-captures 4 google pages containing 7 sexually explicit sites that listed Priddy's webpage. Even Lisa saw these sites when they were up. Kazlev's claim that my allegations are "unverified" is untrue. Therefore, it is not "slander" as he contends.
Alan Kazlev: You also say things like "Heil Priddy" and other similar slanderous language.

I said "Heil Priddy" because Priddy demanded that I divulge my full name, full address and full phone number (that he already has) or I am not who I say I am. However, when it came to Barry Pittard, Priddy said about his address, "one which any citizen has a right to keep private if he or she wishes". Therefore, I had a reason for saying what I did. I pointed out Priddy's double-standards and equivocation (Ref: See Last Post). Priddy demands one standard from me, yet exempts Anti-Sai Activists from the same standard. This is cultish, hypocritical and dictatorial. Therefore, my comment ("Heil Priddy") is not "slander". It is a personal sentiment used to highlight what I perceived to be a valid point.
Alan Kazlev: But where is the reference that Robert Priddy thinks this is justified? You try to smear him simply by his association with others whose statements and acts he is not responsible for. And what i find really emotionally immature is the way you try to ridicule him by using a ridiculous nickname, which to me shows only a spiteful attitude on your part. I have already mentioned on my website your use of this name to mock and ridicule. So haw can you claim respectability when you act like that?

This is yet another poorly-researched comment from Kazlev. Priddy accused me of posting images of a "pornographic kind" on my website, yet never complained about images of a "pornographic kind" published by Reinier Van Der Sandt and Sanjay Dadlani. The images I published were anonymously sent to me by "Premaperm". Since Priddy "smeared" me "by association", why can't I use the same standard with him? Kazlev demands a certain standard from me, yet cares less about the standards used by Priddy and Anti-Sai Activists. This points to Kazlev's bias and partisonship and where his loyalty lies.

Over the course of a year, Kazlev also accused me several times of using a "ridiculous nickname", being "emotionally immature", being "spiteful", employing "mock and ridicule" and having "adolescent childishness" for referring to Priddy as "Priddles". Kazlev (caring less for facts and more for judgmentalism) resorted to ad hominem attacks without even checking his facts. "Priddles" is a known name of Priddy's (that he divulged on former webpages, which have since been deleted). Only after repeating myself a couple of times did Kazlev finally confirm this fact with Priddy himself. Needless to say, Kazlev then changed his argument against me and then accused me for using a childhood name of Priddy. Kazlev was shamed once again for his poor research and tried to escape responsiblity by blaming me by using a different argument.
Alan Kazlev: You also make many unsupported assumptions and statements, for example, "I fully know the depth of corruption and decay prevalent among Anti-Sai Activists (Robert Priddy included)." This emotionalistic statement is again slanderous.

Alan is once again confusing personal opinion with "slander". I am perfectly entitled to my opinion about Robert Priddy, based on my research into his accusations (research Kazlev admitted he has never conducted himself). This statement, from Kazlev, is a perfect example on how he tries to twist "personal opinion" into "slander". If Alan does not like for others to have personal opinions, he should move to a communist country.

Wikipedia References For This Article (read sections in green):
01 - 02 - 03

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Related Blogs - Exposing The Exposers

M Alan Kazlev & Sanjay Kishore Dadlani

Exposing Martin Alan Kazlev, webmaster for, the biased Anti-Sathya-Sai-Baba sympathizer.

It should come as no surprise that Alan Kazlev is not only a friend to Sanjay Kishore Dadlani, he also promotes, endorses and solicits Sanjay's defamatory blogs against Sathya Sai Baba and me. This from a guy who claims he is honest, truthful and does not believe in "slander".

Alan Kazlev is fully aware (and does not care) that Sanjay Dadlani has been fully exposed for his StreetBitches Blog, his Jesus Sex Fetish, his views on Child And Teen Pornography, his self-admitted Psychological Problems, his Disturbing Views About Women, his self-admitted Drinking Problems, his Satanic Inclinations, his Shocking Confessions, his Long And Established History As A Pathological Liar, his outward Denial Of His Own Hare Krishna Guru - Srila Prabhupada, his public Lie About Meeting Aghori Vimalananda, his Homoeroticism And Gender Confusion, his Inability To Keep A Girlfriend, his Pseudo-Devotee Posturing, his He-Man Inspired God Concept, his Lies About Being A Vegetarian, his weird claim that He Was Dying, his amusing Belief That Semen Can Be Sucked Up From The Testicles, Via The Spine, To The Brain and his Suicidal And Self-Injurious Statements.

When I emailed Alan about a claim that Sanjay indirectly attributed to him, I brought up Sanjay's Jesus sex-fetish and Alan responded by saying:
So what? What's the big deal? It's no different to nurses uniforms (Reference)

When I discussed Sanjay's pathological lies, ad hominem attacks and his racist, misogynistic, deviant, boot fetish and sleazy posts on his former killuminati blog, Alan responded by saying:
I have corresponded with him and my opinion of him is quite different And what's with this trip about sleaziness and fetishes? Are you some sort of moral guardian? (Reference)

Alan Kazlev thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with racist and misogynistic comments.

Alan Kazlev thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with Sanjay's pathological lies.

Alan Kazlev thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with Sanjay's criminal behavior of stalking innocent teenagers, mothers and female Middlesex University students (in which he secretly took pictures up their dresses and under tables, labeled them "sluts" and "bitches" and posted over 300 sleazy pictures on a private blog along with illegal teen porn links)! Sanjay's behavior was even discovered by a good friend of his, whom Sanjay praised and eulogized on his Gaurasundra Blog.

*"No different to nurses uniforms"?
*"Are you some sort of moral guardian?"
These are the casual, unconcerned comments from someone who professes an admiration for honesty, spirituality and "integral transformation". Pathetic.

It has since come to light that Alan Kazlev is a grungy guy who loves to post and drool over images of a “pornographic kind” (according to Robert Priddy’s moral standards: Ref) and wrote two cyberpunk articles replete with filthy speech and sexually explicit material (Ref).

Alan Kazlev cares very little for the truth and rather have biased Anti-Sai Activists fill him in on their version of the "truth". When it comes to my version of the truth, Alan does not have the "time", "patience" or "inclination" to hear or research it!

Funny enough, Sanjay recently posted on his blog:
Sensible and rational people who are logical and down-to-earth do not believe in things like reincarnation, spirit possession, miraculous materialisations and the like.

That's right, "sensible", "rational", "logical" or "down-to-earth" people cannot believe Alan Kazlev because he believes in reincarnation, spirit possession, miraculous materializations and the like (including UFO's, aliens, alternate realities, cosmic redemption, planetary Buddhas, genuine avataric gurus, psychic powers, devas, Earth spirits, elementals, the occult and kundalini).

What more to say about these Anti-Sai nutters and sympathizers? They are a bunch of weirdo's who not only contradict themselves, they contract each other.

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Alan Kazlev Scraps "Disrespectable Me"

Exposing Martin Alan Kazlev, webmaster for, the biased Anti-Sathya-Sai-Baba sympathizer.

Alan Kazlev scrapped his former article about himself entitled, "disrespectable me" because he felt it was "puerile". I think Kazlev's former comments are illuminating, so I will duplicate it here:
Disrespectable Me

Hey I knew you'd come here first ;-)

Who wants 2 read a lot of respectable crap anyway?

Okay - first off - has it ever occured to you how many people on the Net are so frigging talented? Like, if you read some of the curriculum vitae, it's like they have a PhD in one subject and a Masters in another, know half a dozen different programming languages intimately, speak three languages fluently, have a license to drive four types of heavy vehicles, a pilot's license for two classes of aircraft, are really good at sport, work as a high level freelance consultant in ten different things each one much harder than you or I could do, have a well-adjusted family with whom they get on superbly, and are in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful lover. Not only that but it's obvious from their photo they're extremely handsome (if a male) or beautiful (if a female), and you can see they have a wonderful confident charsimatic personality to boot...

Yeah it just makes you wanna puke doesn't it?

Anyway I thought I'd write my own curriculum vitae. I would like to point out here that everything you read on this page is true. I'm not exagerating or making things up. Just so you know ;-)

Okay here we go...

Paid Regular Employment history: none
It is true that I got $40 for half a day's casual labour once. Another time I received $250 for an article on IRC romance that was published in a national newspaper some years ago. Once I did help a friend with some landscape gardening, but he never got paid so neither did I...
Recently, I have been hired on a casual basis as scientific consultant for Edugraphics. Very nice job, but it's only casual mind you...

Volunteer Work Employment History
this is no bullshit: I was given the sack from volunteer work! (I won't go into details, the less said about this sorry affair the better...)

Tertiary Qualifications:
B.A. major in philosophy
well I suppose I had to have something to show for 6 years of university life (almost everyone else got their degree in 3 years)

Driver's License
I did learn to drive once, many many many years ago, but I've absolutelty forgotten since. I'm pretty good on a bicycle though....

Programming Languages: none
I made a futile attempt to learn C many many years back. More recently I learned the basics of HTML, but only 'cos it's so easy even a child can do it. I still can't master (nor am I atm motiovated to learn) javascript, flash, or anything else fancy like that.

Languages spoken: English
For a while I started teaching myself Russian and got to the stage where I knew one or two words and could recognise most of the alphabet. I didn't keep it up and have forgotten most of it now. I keep meaning to stick up some foreign words on the inside of the dunny door so I can memeorise them, but I never do.

Overseas Travel:
I did spend 3 months travelling around India when I was much younger but because of my stutter plus my Australian accent no one there could understand me. Once I as in Bangalore (beautiful city btw) and I wanted to go to the Post Office so I hailed a taxi and I said (well, stuttered, whatever) "Post Office" and he said "what?" and I said "I want to go to the Post Office" and he said "where do you want to go?" and I said "to the porhhhst ahhhficceee!!!!" and this went on for quite a while, and finally he drove me miles and miles to some suburb I'd never been to (the name of which I suppose sounded something like "Porhhhstahhfiss") on the other side of Bangalore and dropped me off at the post office there (rather than at the local post office)

Actually my favourite sport is lying in bed in the morning. ;-)

Number of Projects Started
Too many to count

Number of those Projects actually completed
Too few to count

Love Life
Non-existent (too geeky? too intellectual? insufficient social skills? too eccentric?)

There now! No need to feel bad about your life! There's always someone as badly off as (if not worse than) you are! ;-)

Cheers :-)

*"Who wants 2 read a lot of respectable crap anyway?"
*"Yeah it just makes you wanna puke doesn't it?"
*"this is no bullshit: I was given the sack from volunteer work"
*"Paid Regular Employment history: none"
*"I keep meaning to stick up some foreign words on the inside of the dunny door so I can memeorise them, but I never do."
*"to the porhhhst ahhhficceee!!!!"
*"Number of Projects Started: Too many to count"
*"Number of those Projects actually completed: Too few to count"

"Puerile"? Umm...absolutely. lol

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Martin Alan Kazlev: An Introduction

Exposing Martin Alan Kazlev, webmaster for, the biased Anti-Sathya-Sai-Baba sympathizer.

It has since come to light that Alan Kazlev is a grungy guy who loves to post and drool over images of a "pornographic kind" (according to Robert Priddy’s moral standards: Ref) and wrote two cyberpunk articles replete with filthy speech and sexually explicit material. See:
Alan Kazlev - The Grungy Integral Philosopher

Alan Kazlev is the webmaster to, a site dedicated to (as Alan put it):
A new scientific and esoteric evolutionary paradigm concerning the nature of existence and its infinite metamorphoses, and the transformation of the Earth and the planetary consciousness to a post-singularity state of Supramental (Infinite Truth-Consciousness) divinisation.

Alan Kazlev describes himself as:
I'm an autodidactic metaphysician, esotericist and integral philosopher who has so far made a few pathetic attempts at Integral yoga, an armchair palaeontologist, futurist, science fiction writer and fan, worldbuilder, geek, and all round eccentric.

"All round eccentric" is right. Martin Alan Kazlev (formerly known as "Martin Katz" & "Martin Levin") believed, as a child, that he was from another planet. Kazlev currently claims that he was "exiled" (from which planet?) to Earth to help in the "spiritual transformation of the Earth".

Kazlev believes he reincarnated "sometimes two to three lifetimes in a century" and claimed that he recalls past lives as a "Polish Kabbalist", an "English gentleman-scholar, philosopher theologian and naturalist" and a "German Soldier who was killed early in World War II".

Kazlev has also been described as a "student" ("devotee" if you ask me) of Sri Aurobindo and speaks favorably and highly of (and compares himself with) the controversial Guru-figure Bubba Da Free John (aka Adi Da). On Kazlev's Integral Transformation Blog, he claimed that he follows the "Integral Yoga" system of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and praised Aurobindo in no uncertain terms (Refs: 01 - 02).

Kazlev also believes that he has "human" and "non-human" sides that he distinguishes by using parethesis. I think it would be easier just to quote Alan Kazlev himself:
"I" (inverted commas, because it wasn't "I" the current personality; the personality is mortal, the Divine Soul puts on a new personality with each life) am an exile, an outsider and an alien to this world and this universe, "I" have been exiled here to help, in whatever small and humble way, in the spiritual transformation of the Earth. But unlike the gnostic mythos, there is no going back to "my" original home - "I" can only go forward. In almost every incarnation "I" have lived on the fringes of society, never quite fitting in, always contributing in some way or another. Where many souls take rest for centuries between lifetimes, recovering from the trauma and hardship of physical life, I have rished back in, keen to resume to work, sometimes two or three lifetimes in a century.

The human side of "me" never lived in "Atlantis" (regardless of whether Atlantis was on this Earth or some parallel reality) nor in Ancient Egypt (despite my affiliation with the Kheper motif). The earliest civilisation of which "I" have clear association was Ancient Rome, reflecting perhaps my martial ideal.

The non-human side of "me" has always been with the Earth, tracing and a part of Her transformations; I stilllove paleontology; it is the memory of the phylogeny of life on Earth. It is this life as a whole that will inherit the Divine, not just one arrogant species, H. sapiens, no, it is this life, the biosphere as a whole that will be transmuted to partake in the Supramental Transformation, the Divine Life on Earth.

I (this life, so no inverted commas) used to think in these previous lives "I" was alone (alone but not lonely), but I (due to limited experience, limited knowledge, and limited awakening) was mistaken, because "I" wasn't. There are many working for the Divine Victory, and two integral avatars who have blazed the trail. "I" was never alone. And "you" - in whatever path "you" take, were and are never alone either.

"I" had a life as a Polish Kabbalist in the late 18th/early 19th century; because of a wrong attitude (this person wasn't very spiritual) he died prematurely (perhaps late 30s???). Significantly, lots of Kabbalists seem to die at around 40 (Moses Luzzatto, Isaac Luria), so did Suhrawardi; in astrology this is the "Uranus transit"

In the next life (19th century) "I" was an English gentleman-scholar, philosopher theologian and naturalist,perhaps dorset way (where there are a lot of fossils in the cliffs, e.g. Lyme Regis); he seems to have lived off a comfortable fortune. He may have even travelled to India, a country "I" have a strong link to, and was greatly impressed by the experience. But he was not sufficiently considerate or sensitive in my dealings with another; he "played by the book", doing what he thought was right, but he should of listened to his Heart instead. I (personality in this life) know this because of my karma in this life.

In the next incarnation (early to mid 20th century), "I" was a German Soldier who was killed early in World War II. He was a big guy, but he abused his physical strength, and his ideology leaved a lot to be desired. But he was intelligent and thoughtful too. His last thought was "Next time I want to understand the meaning of things, how this came about".

It is said that one's thought at the moment of death determines one's next life time. Because of that, I (personality in this life) have dedicated this life to understanding. And also to growing spiritually, and working through "my" karma. "I" have gathered so much karma in so many lives, now is the time for it to be transmuted (Reference).

So how did I become involved with a person like Martin Alan Kazlev?

I first became aware of Alan and his website on June 27th 2005 when I noticed that Reinier Van Der Sandt (RVDS) created an attack page against Alan (calling him my "moronic friend") simply because Alan provided a link to my website. I emailed Alan about RVDS's attack page and about a comment that Alan made against me where he said:
note - while this site contains information of interest, it also includes material that is incorrect and - regarding Barry Pittard, a man who I have met and regarding whom I can vouch for his integrity - a slanderous lie

Click Here to view my article regarding Barry Pittard and my concerns regarding his anti-semitic and holocaust revisionist ties (a position I still hold to this day). As it turns out, Lisa DeWitt submitted my site-link to Alan. I did not submit my site-link to Alan, nor did I ask Lisa to.

In my email correspondence with Alan, it was apparent that he did not understand my position regarding Barry and Barry's articles appearing on the Adelaide Institute (A.I.) website. First of all, I never accused Barry of being an "anti-semite" or a "neo-nazi". Nor did I ever claim that Barry wrote anti-semitic material. However, I did say that Barry was an "anti-semitic sympathizer" and that he had "anti-semitic buddies". The reasoning for this is fully explained On This Page. In an e-mail, Alan said:
Were you to show me something Barry has written, in which he himself makes claims regarding revisionism, holocaust denial, anti-semitism etc (as opposed to headings tacked on the top of his appropriated material!), then i will revise my opinion (and send you an apology)

I reiterated my position, to Alan, saying that I never claimed that Barry wrote anti-semitic material. In another e-mail, Alan responded by saying:
that doesnt make him a neonazi...Really, my only criticism of your site is the neo-nazi accusation against Barry

Needless to say, I never accused Barry of being a "neo-nazi" (talk about speaking to a brick wall). So I knew immediately that Alan did not clearly understand my position regarding Barry and Barry's articles that appeared on the A.I. website. Unfortunately, Alan's lack of basic research into my articles and claims soon became apparent, and I found myself having to explain more and more to him (like a child). This was a futile task because Kazlev then confessed to me (more than once) that he did not have the "time", "patience" or "inclination" to research my claims!

Alan began defending Barry Pittard and soon thereafter began defending Robert Priddy and Sanjay Dadlani.

Just recently, I discovered that Alan created several webpages against me and I decided to respond, hence this blog. Let it be known that I did not start this fight. I created this blog after Kazlev created the following pages against me, began giving undue weight in favor of Anti-Sai Activists and had the audacity to play psychiatrist and implied that I have mental disorders. This from someone who has no credentials in the medical or mental fields whatsoever and who blathers about "love" and "letting go of hatred". Alan also blatantly lied about me and called Sathya Sai Baba my "guru", although I have repeatedly told him that I am not a devotee. See: (under construction)

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